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24 May 2017 at 9:05am

Celebrate the festive season with Munchy's! The more Munchy's you bring home for Raya, the higher your chances of winning great weekly prizes.

Visit for more information. Start stocking up on delicious biscuits today!

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23 May 2017 at 3:05am

Soft, fluffy dough. Creamy cream fillings. Try resisting that! Grab a 7DAYS Croissant today.

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20 May 2017 at 6:05am

Mari jumpa Elizad Sharifuddin di Aeon Big Wangsa Maju 11.30 pagi esok! Anda juga berpeluang membawa balik hamper Oat Krunch. Jumpa anda di sana!

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19 May 2017 at 2:05am

Raya giveaways galore! From now till 30th June 2017, Munchy's will be giving away 225 weekly prizes to prep you for the festive celebrations. Can you spot the FOUR prizes in the Word Search below?

Visit for more info & stand a chance to win!

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15 May 2017 at 7:05am

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15 May 2017 at 7:05am

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8 May 2017 at 10:05am

Mother's Day is approaching, but you don't have to wait till then to show her your appreciation. Spend a little time together every day, and that will create delightful memories.

Decorate LEXUS biscuits today and stand a chance to win travel vouchers to your mom’s favourite destination! Submit your entries to Hurry!

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6 May 2017 at 8:05am

Mari jumpa Aliff Aziz di Giant Stadium Shah Alam 12.30 tgh esok! Anda juga berpeluang membawa balik hamper Oat Krunch. Jumpa anda di sana!

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6 May 2017 at 2:05am

Lacking ideas for our LEXUS DPK Contest? Here's a tip! See how we turned the variety of LEXUS flavours into decorations. It's not difficult, and it's not too late!

Submit your entries to today. Only 7 days left. Hurry!

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4 May 2017 at 6:05am

Why wait?! Only 8 days left for you to grab travel vouchers, Samsung 43" TV, & many more.

Join today & win for your family.

Decorate LEXUS biscuits & submit your entries at before 12 May 2017.

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May 3, 2017


May 3, 2017


27 Apr 2017 at 11:04am

It isn't difficult to create delightful moments with your child. You can decorate a LEXUS biscuit with your little one, using ordinary ingredients found at home, as shown in the visual!

P.S. Our LEXUS DPK contest is still running. Hurry! Decorate and stand a chance to win travel vouchers and more! Visit for more information.

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21 Apr 2017 at 12:04pm

Delight your taste buds with free LEXUS biscuit samples when you go shopping this weekend with your loved ones!

Drop by one of our sampling booths nationwide where we’ll also show you how we decorate LEXUS biscuits. Join in the action at any of these locations:

*only in selected outlets

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19 Apr 2017 at 11:04am

It doesn't matter if you're playing at home, walking through the park, or taking a break during sports. Delightful moments with your child happen whenever LEXUS is involved! How else do YOU bond with your little one?

Pick up a pack today and create memories to last a lifetime. ❤

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14 Apr 2017 at 9:04am

Our travel luggage is almost packed, but is missing one essential element. Can you help us figure out where our Munchy's LEXUS packs are hidden?

P.S. Take part in our LEXUS DPK contest and you could be on your way to a holiday of your own!

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12 Apr 2017 at 6:04am

There are always new ways to bond with your child. As Hunny Madu recently learned, a smile on a LEXUS biscuit will put a smile on your little one!

Visit and delight in life's little pleasures today!

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Apr 11, 2017