Munchy’s celebrates 20 years of success with consumers

Kuala Lumpur, 1 June 2011 – Munchy’s ignites fun, laughter and enjoyment with consumers as the brand celebrates 20 years of success and heritage. With a mission to ‘Share the Fun’ and thank loyal supporters for the amazing support, Munchy’s organised a compelling treat at One Utama’s Oval Concourse area recently.

Having kick-started the campaign in Batu Pahat, Munchy’s launched the festivities by unveiling four quirky and lovable characters, the Munchy’s Funbots. Born right out of the factory, these four Funbots were commissioned to share the fun throughout their journey to Kuala Lumpur and spread the Munchy’s cheer on their way.

“We wanted to really go all out and connect with our loyal consumers this year and that is why we have invested in making this celebration extremely momentous. This past few years we have grown and accomplished so much that it was only right we shared that success with the people who helped make Munchy’s the number one wafer producer and number two biscuit producer in the market,” enthused CK Tan, Chief Executive Officer of The Munchy Group.

Munchy’s earmarked the celebration by re-creating its fun factory right in the heart of One Utama. The elaborate set-up was filled with exciting activities for children and adults alike with the highlight being the special appearances by the Funbots, who were a big hit with the kids.

“The Munchy’s Funbots were our emissaries for the occasion. They were created to represent the state-of-the-art machinery from the factory and we felt that these characters were the prefect depiction of the quality products we produce and the diversity we practise within the group. Each Funbot has a distinctive character and they each brought a piece of the Munchy’s fun philosophy with them as they made their way from Batu Pahat, Johor to Kuala Lumpur,” added Tan further. With special anecdotes and hilarity, consumers experienced firsthand Munchy’s eccentric personality and distinctive traits – wit, pleasant jesting and cheerful amusement. It is part of the key ingredients that go into making every Munchy’s treat special.

Geared to continue to share the fun with biscuit fans, the exuberant and adventurous brand has more in store for their much loved consumers in the months to come. All these enjoyable novelties stem from Munchy’s deep understanding of their consumer and its visionary outlook.

From a humble shop in Batu Pahat, Munchy’s has today become ONE of the biggest local biscuit players in the market. Spread over 60 countries worldwide, Munchy’s is going all out to ensure there will be 100 countries, munching on Munchy’s by the year 2020. The people and machinery that work tirelessly to ensure the cream goes on just right, layers are stacked perfectly and that each wafer is almost symmetrical in shape and size is relentless in ensuring there is always a Munchy’s treat that will bring cheeky fun to consumer’s lives.

“Our constant aim is to continuously create and share significant moments with those who are meeting us for the first time and for those that have grown with us through the years. It has been a fulfilling journey and this is only the beginning!” concluded Tan cheerfully.

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