Munchy’s gears up for a stellar Anniversary bash!

Commemorating 20 years of heritage, legacy and fun, Munchy’s is out to share the excitement with Malaysia!

Batu Pahat, 19 May 2011 – From a humble shop in Batu Pahat, Munchy’s has today become ONE of the biggest local biscuit players in the market. Spread over 60 countries worldwide and deemed the number one wafer producer and number two biscuit producer in Malaysia, Munchy’s is going all out to ensure there will be 100 countries, munching on Munchy’s by the year 2020. Not at all an impossible feat the fun and adventurous brand has always prided itself in doing things differently. Distinctive innovation and R&D has catapulted the brand into the forefront pioneering first-of-its-kind products such as the bite-sized Munchy’s Mini, Krunch range of biscuits, Munchy’s perfect dip size cream crackers and the latest addition to the Munchy’s family, Captain Munch range of biscuits.

All these enjoyable novelties stem from Munchy’s deep understanding of their consumer and its visionary outlook. Growing rapidly and taking the industry by storm, Munchy’s is now geared to spread more infectious fun to all biscuits lovers in Malaysia in conjunction with its 20th Anniversary celebration.

The name Munchy’s was derived from the Mandarin term “Mai Qi”- “Mai” which means flour or wheat and “Qi”, that refers to the magical quality found in the delicious wafers that are made from only the finest ingredients. Today, that magic continues to develop and strengthen. Munchy’s is not just about the products it churns out; equally important is the quality of each yummylicious biscuit and maintaining that quality often requires meticulous attention and stringent practises.

The people and machinery that work tirelessly to ensure the cream goes on just right, layers are stacked perfectly and that each wafer is almost symmetrical in shape and size is relentless in ensuring there is always a Munchy’s treat that will bring cheeky fun to consumer’s lives. This year that initiative is amplified and magnified.

“We are moving towards inspiring times as we evolve not only locally but on a global scale. To mark this riveting episode we will be embarking on a fascinating and unique brand campaign. We feel it is time to bring Munchy’s into the lime-light. We want consumers to see just how diverse the brand is,” enthused CK Tan, CEO of The Munchy Group.

“At Munchy’s we make sure that anything we introduce to consumers serves a purpose and allows them to enjoy it how they like it. So, to mark our 20th Anniversary, we are setting out on an exciting expedition; four iconic personalities from our factory will be making their way to Kuala Lumpur on a mission – to share the fun with biscuit lovers, anytime, anywhere,” added Tan further.

For the first time ever, Munchy’s is going head-strong to spread fun, laughter and good times with biscuits lovers. These four iconic characters who have been given a mission to head for the city bearing cheeky fun, has been commissioned to extend as much merriment as they possibly can.

With special anecdotes and hilarity, consumers can experience firsthand Munchy’s eccentric personality and distinctive traits – wit, pleasant jesting and cheerful amusement. It is part of the key ingredients that go into making every Munchy’s treat special.

“Our aim for this campaign is to celebrate, create and share significant moments with those who are meeting us for the first time and for those that have grown with us through the years. It has been a fulfilling journey and it is time to meet and greet and share the fun!” concluded Tan cheerfully.

The four Munchy’s fun troopers will be making special adhoc appearances from Batu Pahat to Kuala Lumpur so they might just show up at a birthday party or wedding celebration. Munchy’s is out to share the fun and consumers are welcome to meet them. This is going to be a memorable 20th Anniversary bash for Munchy’s and the fun starts now!

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