Munchy’s Thrives in 2009 Despite Economic Downturn

Kuala Lumpur, 14 January 2010 – While 2009 was a highly challenging year for Munchy’s, results show that the company recorded double-digit growth last year. Validating this amazing feat was The BrandLaureate – SMEs Chapter Awards that named CK Tan, the Munchy Group Chief Executive Officer, “CEO of the Year” at the recent branding award ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur.

CK received the award in recognition of his vision and ability to steer Munchy’s successfully, not only in Malaysia but also in the international marketplace. Despite the global economic downturn, CK and his management team delivered exceptional results in 2009, including the ISO 22000 certification for its state-of-the-art 400,000 sq ft manufacturing plant in Batu Pahat and the Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT) Product Innovation Platinum Award 2009 for the brand’s breakthrough Lite Cream Cracker.

Munchy’s products are present in approximately 60 countries around the world and in over 20,000 retail outlets in Malaysia alone. This year, Munchy’s is expecting to increase this figure to 23,000 outlets.

“As the country’s biggest and fastest–growing biscuit manufacturer, our focus for the year 2010 is very clear. We are determined to continue more product innovation that is in line with our main platform that merges both ‘fun’ and ‘health’ aspects into one,” said CK.

Under CK’s leadership, Munchy’s will continue to focus on establishing the brand globally in accordance with the company’s vision to be significant in 100 countries by the year 2020. Proof of this commitment is already in place with the company having opened direct offices in Singapore and Thailand recently.

CK added, “Munchy’s vision is to first conquer the regional market, followed by worldwide brand-building through our strategic consumer-led campaigns. To do this, our future plans will incorporate establishing direct offices in countries that include China, Indonesia and Vietnam.”
The BrandLaureate – SME Chapter Awards recognise the best of brands from both small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It takes into account the important role that SMEs play in the development of the nation and in brand building.


Munchy’s is Malaysia’s No.1 homegrown biscuit brand*, specialising in wafers, wafer sticks and biscuits. Since its birth in 1991, Munchy’s has grown to become the nation’s No.1 wafer producer and No.2 biscuit producer both in terms of volume and value, while boasting state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

In line with its mission to fill all kinds of fun-eating snacks in every home, Munchy’s products can now be found in approximately 60 countries. Its main products include Oat Krunch, Mini Crackers, Lite Cream Crackers, Lexus Sandwich Biscuits, Muzic Wafers, Muzic Thin Wafers, Munchini Wafer Sticks, Sugar Crackers, Muzic Nuss Wafers, Choco-O Mochachip Cookies, and Captain Munch Milk and Chocolate Cookies.

Munchy’s incorporates two entities – its manufacturing arm, Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd (MFI), and MunchWorld Marketing Sdn Bhd (MW). MW is a leading provider of fully-integrated marketing and distribution services representing Super Coffeemix Manufacturing Ltd., Unistraw International Limited’s Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws, Mooncakes from The Baker’s Cottage Sdn Bhd, and all things Munchy’s.

*Source: Nielsen Retail Index Corporate Value Share (June 2006 – November 2009, excluding Sabah and Sarawak)


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