Snek Kaw Kaw with NEW Nom Nom Crackerz

Sometimes you just crave for something tasty and crunchy to munch on. At odd hours of the day, you feel the urge to snack and that urge just does not go away. There is a little noisy craving voice inside you that is bugging you repetitively, and it is so distracting that you just couldn’t stay focused, right? No worries, the all-new Munchy’sNomNom is here to the rescue!

Your all-time favourite keropok is now available in Crispy Crunchy triangular bite size NomNom Crackers, comes in three mouth watering seafood dish-inspired flavours!

Seafood Dish Inspired Snack– Your all-time favorite keropok now available in three mouthwatering seafood dish inspired flavours such as the Original Prawn, Tom Yum Seafood & Spicy Chilli Squid

Unique Triangle Shape – Uniquely shaped triangle bite size NomNom Crackerz gives your tongue a surprise smack of real seafood.

Tasty & Crunchy – Absolutely tasty and crunchy. Each crack gives you the ultimate hit of real seafood that one can ever stop cracking with NomNom Crackerz.

Free Munchy’s Cracker Sandwich 45g with any KFC Breakfast Combo purchase

Now you can enjoy buttery, savoury and deliciously crunchy Munchy’s Cracker Sandwich with any purchase of KFC Breakfast Combo*! (while stocks last) Enjoy the best of both worlds as...

New Snack in Town – NomNom!

Munchy’s continue to excite and share the fun with a new range of snacks to satisfy all your cravings! NomNom your NomNom now!