Munchy to Build ‘Power Brands’

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Q&A with Munchy group Chief Executive Officer CK TAN


Q1. What makes your brand stand out?

The Munchy’s brand is a reflection of the company’s mission – which is to provide fun, cheeky, yummylicious and affordable biscuits and snacks for everybody around the world. It starts with our corporate logo; the Munchy’s logo is made up of three key components –

  1. To demonstrate how delicious our products are, the font is styled with bite marks on it, signaling to consumers to ‘bite me!’ – which is also our corporate tagline
  2. The different layers of the planet signify different layers of Munchy’s energy across the globe. We are currently in 60 over countries and we hope to achieve more!
  3. The colour red, that signifies bold, energy, adventurous, ready-to-go

The consistent placement of Munchy’s logo especially on our packaging has made it a recognizable household name and mark in the biscuits category. Through research, consumers recognize our logo as the red planet on the top left of our products’ packaging. Our tone and manner and the way we communicate in all Munchy’s advertising is cheerful, light-hearted and fun, with the aim to bring smiles to consumer faces


Q2. What is your long-term strategy to enhance your brand both locally and globally? 

We have been building and establishing the Munchy’s brand for the past 20 years so now we are moving on to build our ‘power brands’ – Lexus, Muzic, Krunch, Captain Munch, and of course, Munchy’s range of products. Each power brand targets different consumer segment, thus fulfilling different consumer need states. Based on these consumer need states, and the brand life cycle, each brand will have its own objective – whether it is gaining penetration, increasing frequency of consumption, or maintaining loyalty. It is our mission to provide innovative products for everybody around the world.


Q3. What were some of your recent brand-building initiatives?

We celebrated our 20th Anniversary last year themed ‘Share the Fun’, as we have been sharing with consumers Munchy’s fun products and fun eating experiences for the past 20 years, and we will continue to share more fun for the years to come! It was brought to life via our Agents of Fun – the Funbots! We have Michael Oven, resident baker at Munchy’s, DJ Mixer, Chop Chop our mould maker and Beat Box our packaging expert.


Q4. If you were asked to brand one aspect of Malaysia (people, environment, business, tourism, consumer products), what would it be and how would you do it?

It would be ‘Malaysia’ as a whole, because her people, the food, the lush tropical greens, the seaside, to the high rise that fills up the city skyline is what Malaysia is made of. It’s a melting pot of races, cultures and traditions in the old and new world.

New Snack in Town – NomNom!

Munchy’s continue to excite and share the fun with a new range of snacks to satisfy all your cravings! NomNom your NomNom now!

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Another innovation from Munchy’s – Giving you the best of both worlds, a cracker with cream filling and sugar toppings! Comes in convenient pack that you can eat it anytime anywhere!