Munchy’s Invests Rm50 Million To Double Manufacturing Capabilities

Batu Pahat, 5 March 2009 – Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd today showcased, for the first time, its extended production line which doubles its manufacturing capabilities.

“Our three new lines are custom-designed, so they are originals in every way possible,” said CK Tan, CEO of the Munchy’s Group. “These state-of-the-art machines have now increased our manufacturing capabilities to upwards of 5,000 tons per month – giving us yet another edge over other industry players.”

To-date, Munchy’s has invested over RM200 million since 1996 in its top-of-the-line factory and warehousing facilities.
“Having spent over RM50 million alone in the last two to three years, we believe that we will achieve our mission of filling every home all over the world with Munchy’s fun-eating treats, sooner than predicted – with an increase in production and efficacy levels as well as with the limitless possibilities of new products and innovation,” added CK.

When asked about the effects of the economic slowdown on the company, CK said that at Munchy’s, each challenge is viewed as an opportunity to push even further. Therefore, the organization’s quest for continuous improvement has kicked in even more than ever before, with various strategies planned. These include the exploration of new markets, both locally and internationally, while constantly innovating products and developing new creations.

During the tour, the media also witnessed Munchy’s operations that adhere to ISO standards including HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) requirements.

“We hope that this tour today further emphasizes our commitment to producing Malaysian goods that are undoubtedly at least on par with foreign manufactured products,” said CK. “We are firm believers in our Prime Minister’s call to ‘Buy Malaysian’ as this will help sustain our economy, especially during these trying times.

“And we also believe that Malaysians will be impressed with our local products that offer quality rivaled only by the biggest and best out there.”

Munchy’s started out in 1991 with only one second-hand wafer-stick machine. Today, the company has grown exponentially with a revenue of over RM300 million.

Munchy’s currently employs more than 1,000 personnel to meet its production, marketing and distribution demands. The company has a designated Research & Development division which is personally overseen by the board of directors, plus a Quality Control and Quality Assurance Department, all of which ensure Munchy’s food safety practices are in compliance with the highest international standards.


Munchy’s is Malaysia’s No.1 homegrown biscuit brand*, specialising in wafers, wafer sticks and biscuits. Since its birth in 1991, Munchy’s has grown to become a RM300 million company with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

In line with its mission to fill all kinds of fun-eating snacks in every home, Munchy’s products can now be found in nearly 60 countries. Its main products include Mini Crackers, Lite Cream Crackers, Lexus Biscuits, Muzic Wafers, Munchini Wafer Sticks, Sugar Crackers, Muzic Nuss Wafers, Choco-O Mochachip Cookies and Captain Munch Cookies (Milk / Chocolate).

Munchy’s incorporates two entities – its manufacturing arm Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd (MFI), and MunchWorld Marketing Sdn Bhd (MW). MW is a leading provider of fully-integrated marketing and distribution services representing Super Coffeemix Manufacturing Ltd., Unistraw International Limited’s Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws, and all things Munchy’s.

*Source: Nielsen Retail Index Corporate Value Share (June 2006 – July 2008, excluding Sabah and Sarawak)


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Munchy’s gives away tickets for the A Mei Malaysia Concert (Nanyang Siang Pau)

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